New Wave!!

Hello all! It's been a minute but only because I have been working, working, working. I have rebranded Island Girl Beach Gear, the new name is "Island Girl Gear" , to allow me to have more creative freedom. That's the thing with us creatives we love to color outside the lines.

I will be using quite a of straw in some of my new pieces and bringing a few ideas I have had swirling around my head for a while. The rustic pineapple is a fan favorite so I am pushing that this season.

As always I am always open to your ideas if you want something different. My Nassau girls I know the challenges with shipping and customs so I am trying to come up with a cost conscious way I can get products down to you guys. Island Girl is still an extremely new company and I am working through all the kinks, but the creativity is constant.

Island Girl's phone number has changed, the new number is 1(321) 440-9208, add Island girl on WhatsApp for instant contact. As always, thank you for your continued support, if you haven't already follow Island Girl on Facebook @islandgirlbeachgear (Facebook won't allow the change just yet) on Instagram @islandgirlgear.

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