Where it all Started

Imagine, the sea breeze hitting your face as you tread the gentle sand beneath your feet, snorkelers are fishing in the distance as boats pass by. What you have imagined is home, the beautiful home of a Bahamian. The artistic and unique style of Island girl beach gear gets its inspiration straight from islands like Nassau and Eleuthera and was all started by Dawnita Fry. Born and raised in Nassau Bahamas, she has experienced first-hand the beauties of the archipelago, simple living is what inspires her art and her comfortable fashion.

During her younger years she eventually ventured to New York, which is when she fell in love with fashion and where she had become more connected with her art.

After many years her artistic vision has truly came to fruition. Over this pandemic she has cultivated her art of her home into the Beach Girl gear you fashion today. As you have seen in her videos, Dawnita has always done all her work by herself and with each dress she made she evolved the look of her product. From rompers, dresses, bags, and potential inventory in the future, Island Girl Beach Gear will be sure to provide it all.

Stay tuned! Island Girl Beach Gear is just getting started. Our designer below is wearing the one piece Queen Conch Stamp print and cover up!

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